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Be the best
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New Way is an American Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) & Project Based Learning (PBL) enrichment center, offering English language programs for students between the ages of 8-15.

About Us

3 main pillars of our program

Social and emotional learning

Social and emotional learning

By developing social and executive functioning skills, our students develop their emotional intelligence.

Skill development preparing for High School

Skill development preparing for High School

By developing critical and creative thinking skills, children can become the best version of themselves.

English Language

English Language

Speaking English outside of typical classroom scenarios helps our students learn how to speak without inhibitions and with confidence.

Our Method

Our Method

We treat all New Way courses as adventures centered around your child.  New Way is a place where we boost self-confidence and inner motivation so students can reach their full potential, raise their curiosity and make their creativity soar.

We center our programs around the 3Ds: D1) Group, Community, Networking D2) Project-Based Method D3) Topics.

These programs are designed to help students become more successful, more assertive, more accepting of themselves and others, and more in tune with their emotions.

D1. Group, community, networking

We work in groups to create an accepting community. 

These groups also provide great networking opportunities for children to build lifelong friendships.

D2. Project-based method

Students gain hands-on experience through projects based on current events and trends.

E.g.  In “Fashion and Media Trends,” students study the fleeting nature of fashion in the media, how it effects their behavior and how students can have the power to influence peers through these trends by using them wisely.

D3. Topics

Our projects fall under 6 different categories we refer to as “Topics”:

  1. Communication and Media
  2. The Secrets of Writing and Reading Comprehension
  3. Digital Skills
  4. Visual Arts
  5. Music – Flow
  6. Resilience Building


Our programs

For Basic English Speakers

For Advanced English Speakers


After School Program
from September 21, 2020


2-3 times/week


Complex High School Readiness Program

Explores how self-awareness and mindfulness impact classroom performance.

Max. 8 students/ class.

Start self-learning in elementary school!

For non-English Speakers

Prep-Year for ages 8-11

Launching September 21st, 2020

On weekdays - 

Planned schedule: MON & WED or TUE & THU from 3.30 to 4.45 pm

However, we plan to talk to all parents regarding the best possible timing for families.

Fridays are ‘FunFriday’ activities from 4 to 5 pm

For English Speakers

For ages 8-15

Launching September 21st, 2020

On weekdays –
depends on the groups.

Planned schedule:

MON & WED from 5 to 6.15pm or from 6.30 to 7.45pm

TUE & THU from 5 to 6.15pm or from 6.30 to 7.45pm

However, we plan to talk to all parents regarding the best possible timing for our families.

Fridays are for eXperiential learning activities - 'Fun Fridays'


Small groups max. 8 kids/ class.

Pre-requisite: conversational English level


Returning FALL 2020- ONLINE!

New course dates will be announced

3 Units

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Storytelling
  3. Speech & Debate


Each unit is designed to build confidence in publicly speaking English and expressing emotions.

6 students/group

For non-English Speakers

For ages 8-10

(coming soon)

For English Speakers

For ages 10-14

Full Course:

Each unit is 5 weeks long- 10 sessions/unit

1. Public speaking

2. Storytelling

3. Speech & Debate

Students can join for 10, 20, or 30 sessions.

Pre-requisite: conversational English level



Returning Summer 2021!

Day camp 5 days/week

All-day English-speaking camps

Based on innovative projects that engage critical thinking via play-based activities.

Creative Environment

Max. 12 students/group


For Basic English Speakers

For ages 8-10

basic level English

Returning Summer 2021!

For Fluent English Speakers

For ages 8-14

conversational level English

Returning Summer 2021!


Coming soon

American Boutique School from pre-Kindergarten

Full day school comprised of a diverse learning community based on an American SEL curriculum to nurture your child’s character and holistic growth.

We provide an American curriculum and diploma.

For non-English Speakers

Coming soon

For English Speakers

Coming soon

After School Program


Creative Online Environment for children between the ages of 8-15 in small groups max 8 persons/group
From the September 21st, 2020 in two different ENGLISH speaking levels: basic and advanced speakers
Personalized Learning Pathways
Brain-based activities and educational projects shaped by fun, friends, and free thought
Increase chances of getting into THE high school
Early opportunity for networking in a supportive community

After School Program