Welcome from the Head

Welcome to New Way! We are delighted that you have found us and are excited to be part of a warm and vibrant community that nurtures the “whole child!” As Aristotle wrote, “Educating the mind without education of the heart is not education at all.” This is our mission at New Way, as well as the commitment to intellectual engagement and self-discovery of our students and staff members alike.  


Because New Way holds the developmental needs of students at its core, our team recognizes that emotions matter.


We have created a unique curricular program that celebrates the life of the mind. In our increasingly complicated and ever-changing world, we know that being an avid reader, a creative writer, and a precise mathematician isn’t enough. It’s only part of the equation. Today students must be taught to recognize, understand, and label their emotional experiences while developing essential strategies to regulate those. We’re not born understanding our emotions and those of others. These are skills that must be taught, and those who have these skills have a distinguishable advantage over those who don’t. Students who have these strategies experience improved decision-making, relationship quality, well-being, mental health, and both academic and workplace success – yay!


New Way is a pioneer in social emotional learning in Hungary, even though social emotional learning has been leading the foundation of educational framework in the United States at the top universities such as the RULER Program at Yale University, and Project Zero at Harvard University. Our commitment to developing emotional intelligence skills is what separates New Way from other after school programs. Students won’t find these strategies in a once-a-week class. At New Way, students will find these strategies, in addition to a vibrant project-based curriculum, deliberately embedded in each of our semester long projects.


When you visit New Way, we hope you will see our dedication to ensure that each student is seen, known, and valued in a supportive and dynamic learning environment. You’ll find kind and motivated students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and compassionate leaders. You’ll find the preservation of the magic of childhood through an educational program that promotes wonder, inspiration, inquiry, and exploration. You’ll find that academic challenge and joy are synonymous.


Visit and experience New Way firsthand! We look forward to welcoming you!


With sincere gratitude,