The New Way
High School Readiness
After School Program

Prepare for high school:

  • Who am I and what do I have to say?
  • How can I become the best version of myself?
  • How can I improve the way I manage and handle challenges?
  • How can I learn to collaborate and become an awesome team player?


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“Be the best version of yourself!”

Our philosophy

“Be the best version of yourself!”

Everything we do at New Way – the curriculum, our lessons, the nurturing atmosphere – can be built upon five pillars:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-management
  3. Responsible decision-making
  4. Relationship skills
  5. Social awareness

We teach the students to think critically and to identify and overcome challenges honestly and responsibly. We use our 5 pillars to create a nurturing environment so our students can explore learning these skills while feeling supported with personalized attention. Each lesson is built around New Way’s method as well as the program of our SEL representative partner: Move This World.

See further information on Move This World Program at our Partner’s website:

“Be the best version of yourself!”
We offer programs at two language levels

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

 Social and emotional learning is the process through which children acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to

  • Understand and manage emotions, 
  • Set and achieve goals, 
  • Feel and show empathy for others 
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships, 
  • Make responsible decisions.
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

In every age group and class, students will work on six (6) different but closely related topics and two (2) projects. Within this framework, they will examine real-life issues, of their choosing, that affect & effect their lives.

Project-Based Learning (PBL)



Communication and Media

Communication skills are essential for any student’s future success. In today’s business environment, public speaking, story-telling, speech and debate are vital skills that help us standout in a crowd. Students at New Way engage in projects such as preparing TED Talks, Vlogs, Mock Trial competitions, and Blogs that enhance not only their oral communications skills, but also their argumentative and reasoning skills.

The Secrets of Writing and Reading Comprehension

It goes without saying that reading and writing are crucial to academic success. We center our programs around teaching our learners to explore complex literary themes, as well as training their reading comprehension and writing abilities to those of native English speakers. There are subtleties of the English language that are important to understand, and developing that innate mastery of English will help propel your children to the next level of speaking.

Digital Skills

Our students learn to act as thoughtful digital citizens and use technology to enhance their learning and knowledge. Technology is integrated into our program in order to enrich learning experiences and expose students to a wide variety of tools for communicating, collaborating, and creating. Educators at New Way will continually seek out and evaluate innovative technologies, e.g. robotics, coding, etc. Our students will be lucky enough to get a first introduction to them.

Visual Arts

Art has been found to be a pathway to deeper emotional learning as it engages the child’s procedural memory, strengthens attention and stamina, deepens perspective and empathy, and allows learning to truly “stick.” It is an expression unique to each learner and truly relates to the 5 SEL pillars.

Music – Flow

Introducing music during childhood helps foster a positive attitude towards learning and creativity. It also presents a method for emotional expression, improvisation, and anxiety relief. We want our students to explore the different ways they can connect with their emotions, minds, and each other and use these techniques in all facets of their life to stay present and get the most out of each day.

Resilience Building

We pay special attention to the connection of the mind and the body. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect how our body functions. So, we want our students to connect their minds and their bodies through various physical practices such as yoga and meditation to get to know their inner selves and connect with them.


We give each student personalized attention. Upon getting admitted to New Way, students choose an English speaking mentor, who:

  • maintains continuous contact
  • guides them through our programs
  • is available to help in difficult situations

Our Mentors support students in their preparation for high school emotionally, academically, and socially.


Portfolio Building

A portfolio is a personal development log.

Students plan and record their progress in their topics and projects during the term. Portfolio upkeep gives each student responsibility, diligence, and a sense of pride in their achievements, which ultimately prepares them for the rigors of high school and, eventually, university.

This portfolio is paper-based in our Starters class and digital our Speakers class. This way parents can monitor their child’s progress, too.

Portfolio Building

Continuous Feedback

At New Way anyone can provide feedback for anyone. We view feedback as an opportunity for growth and support. Each month, our students give out a crown to a peer and/or mentor who they thought did something outstanding (ex: a kind act, supported a friend, created an awesome project, improved in their studies, someone who tried their hardest). Peer evaluations are especially important because they promote teamwork, critical thinking, and social and emotional awareness. Positivity and empathy are the most important guiding principles in these crown awards.

Continuous Feedback
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