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SEL - Social and Emotional Learning

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?
The term social-emotional learning (SEL), according to, is the process through which children and adults learn and apply skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Definitions of the term typically include references to intrapersonal (e.g., self-awareness and self-management) and interpersonal (e.g., social awareness and relationship skills).

What are the 5 core competencies of SEL?

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So, why does it matter?

At the Institute of Social and Emotional Learning’s recent conference, one of the speakers read the following quote:
“SEL is not a detour from academics. Rather, it is the on-ramp.”

This got me thinking. Perhaps what definitions of SEL have previously lacked is clarity around the destination or the purpose of why learning such skills in school is important. According to developmental research, resilience and adaptability are at the core of how we successfully cope with everything life throws at us. But, you aren’t born being resilient or adaptable, you learn this skills through experience. Providing a guiding hand, i.e. the framework of SEL, will help your children learn to become resilient and adaptable in a safe, nurturing environment. Furthermore, authenticity or our ability to express our true internal experience, is essential to our happiness with ourselves and with others. Learning how to tap into your authentic self from an early age makes it so you have one less battle to fight as you experience the inevitable growing pains of adolescence. How you feel and what you can produce are interrelated, and at New Way, we want you to feel your best so you can do your best.

Why is SEL so important in 2020?

I have always believed in the mission to infuse SEL into the fabric of schools and enrichment programs like the ones we have created at New Way. Reflection and mindfulness, both practices invaluable to SEL, provide a grounding routine for our everyday lives. As we’ve seen so far this year, the world is constantly trying to divide our attention. With these 5 pillars of SEL we are able to create a more predictable environment, which allows students to feel safe and promotes a more effective teaching and learning ecosystem.

In the USA, there is a huge push to integrate SEL into schools and workplaces, particularly by comprehensive programs such as Move This World. We are so excited to announce our collaboration with this program at a time when this type of learning in Budapest is very much needed!

As I always say, be the best version of yourself.

Much love,
Karolina Koppany