Who is Move This World?

Our Beloved Partner


Move This World is our beloved partner whose resources we use to structure many of our lessons. They have interactive videos that guide our students in specific ways to get up, move around, and really feel a mind body connection based on the principles of Social Emotional Learning. We use Move This World's program to provide a common language for emotional expression, which really supports our mission of creating a community that understands each other and helps better each other. They also provide us with many tips and tricks for community engagement and safety guidelines (ex: 'How to Teach Your Children to Be Safe Online'). All of these tools have a proven record of success in breaking down barriers and creating a positive and effective learning environment in countless schools across the United States; and we're so excited to share these with our young entrepreneurs in Budapest. We can't wait to unleash the magic within our students and help them become the best versions of themselves. Check out Move This World to get a better idea of how we became the New Way you know and love today.