NPR Podcast Challenge Course


New Way meets Georgetown University:
Ms. K and Mr. Z Take on the World!


Be a part of the National Public Radio Podcast Series!

NPR Podcast Challenge Course

Interested in Podcasting?

This course is hosted by
Karolina Koppany, founder of New Way, and
Carlos Zarate, Curriculum Coordinator WL/K-12 for Georgetown University. 

Karolina and Carlos met in 2016 at the Keys School, a private K-8 school rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Palo Alto, California. The two middle school teachers instantly connected, as they both shared a deep passion for Social and Emotional Learning and their diverse international backgrounds.

The two innovative educators are collaborating again!

In 2019, Carlos and his team won The Second Annual New York Times Podcast Contest, and this year he hopes to do the same with Ms. K and her kids.




Interested in Podcasting?
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Learning About Podcasting

  • Differentiate what a podcast is compared to a print interview
  • Understand the guidelines for submitting a competitive podcast
  • Evaluate what makes a good podcast
  • Structure a podcast independently by effectively using the available resources


3 sessions

75 min. each

No break

Coming soon!



Planning Your

  • Create a podcast from the beginning to the end
  • Interview professionals in a field related to the topic COVID-19: Building Emotional Resilience Following the Aftermath
  • Organize information in sequential order
  • Use their research to create a compelling podcast that has as inspiring message with a call to action


3 sessions

75 min. each

No break

Coming soon!


Producing Your Podcast

  • Conduct interviews using different styles
  • Formulate questions and organize information in a chronological order
  • Use sound editing tools and applications to edit their voice recordings
  • Learn how to choose different sound effects that create an impactful and meaningful podcast for the target audience
  • Understand the reserve rights (ROYALTY) of online content

3 sessions

75 min. each

No break

Coming soon!


Reflecting as
a Group

  • Review progress and regroup
  • Submit final project








1 + max. 2 sessions

75 min. each

No break

Coming soon!




500 € / person / course


which contains the tuition fee of the Podcast challenge course, the charge of the international collaboration and the additional sessions if necessary.

*Please kindly note that the course fee can also be paid in HUF in which case the current MNB official euro exchange rate is used for conversion.

Seats are very limited, make sure to register quickly!


  • Highly advanced level of English
  • A strong desire to learn how to start a podcast
  • Familiarity with your computer and where you store or organize your files, particularly your MP3 recordings for your podcast
  • Basic understanding of the Internet (ex: how to find web sites, send email, fill out forms)
  • Macbook Preferred. *If you have other PC, that is fine, most instructions for Podcasting are the same. Only instructions on editing audios may differ.*